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Body Massage-Her - Purple
(Pipedream - Fantasy for Her)

Body Massage-Her - Purple
Article number: OT84436
She reveled in the feeling of glorious anticipation as she took her body massage-her out of her purse. She loved how it was the perfect size for her to take everywhere with her. So petite and powerful, she smiled to herself as she pressed the button to turn it on. This was her private time and she intended to make the very most of it. She had discovered that these secret solo rendezvous’ occupied her thoughts throughout her day. She loved knowing that she could bring herself to orgasm whenever she wished.

She leaned back in her chair and slid the massage up inside her skirt. At first she just enjoyed the smooth sensation of the soft silicone massage-her as she rubbed it against her inner thigh. This was part of her thrill – the anticipation of knowing how good this was going to feel. She pressed the power on and felt the stirrings of titillating vibration begin. She rubbed the massager over her panties, as there was no reason to rush. Why rush her private time?

When she couldn’t wait any longer she slid her body massage-her inside her panties and pressed the button to up the vibrations. Yes… there it was. The massage-her had connected with her sensitive clit and she was beginning to feel an incredible warmth spread throughout her body. Her heart fluttered and she could feel her pulse quicken as she gently rubbed her massage-her against her swelling bud. Once more she pressed the vibration button. Ahhhh…. Her head swung back and a gasp escaped her lips as a sensual wave of incredible pleasure pushed her closer to her climax. She wanted to wait and ride this feeling for as long as she could. And then, slowly, slowly, her orgasm rolled from her depths, curling her toes and giving her skin exhilarating goosebumps. Gradually she returned to her senses and relished in her feeling of complete relaxation and utter satisfaction. Now she knew she could face anything her day brought her way.

It's all about Her.

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