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Pjur scenTouch-Massage-Lotion - Strawberry Summer - 200 ml
(Pjur Group - pjur SPA)

(Base Price 1l = €74,95)
Pjur scenTouch-Massage-Lotion - Strawberry Summer - 200 ml
Article number: OT78303
Feel the gentle scent of sweet strawberries on a hot summer night. Passionate, seductive, irresistible.
Innovative massage lotion without oil, silicone, fat or water! The lotion leaves no greasy film on the skin and is easily and completely wipeable. With natural vitamin E and jojoba as well as vegan and without parabens. The product is not tested on animals. The scent is not too extreme - it acts like a light breeze on your skin. No lubricant, not applicable with condoms, without the addition of dyes. Dermatologically approved. Store at room temperature. Protect from sunlight. Close the lid tightly after each use.

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