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Shades of Grey - Geheimes Verlangen
(Goldmann - Buch / Roman)

Shades of Grey - Geheimes Verlangen
Article number: OT39603
The erotic bestseller of the year 2012!
In the United States and Canada was the "Shades of Grey" trilogy more than 15 million sold in England hung from the erotic novel "Harry Potter" and Dan Brown in the customer list!

The book everyone is talking about:
The great sensation of success.

She is 21, a student of literature and love do not learn too. But then Ana Steele learns the rich and equally self-confident and attractive Christian Grey entrepreneurs know - and really want him forgotten as quickly as possible, because the encounter with him, she has deeply confused. Try as she might, however, endeavor: it does not get rid of him.
Because Christian has touched something in her that can displace it since. And as a Christian some time later in front of her, she can not help but to give in to their feelings. From then on, is not the same as before. Because Christian Ana leads into a dark, dangerous world of love - in a world from which she recoils and attracts them with irresistible force but ....

German first publication
Translated by Andrea Brandl and Sonya Hauser

Paperback, 608 pages
Language: German

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